“They went the extra mile for us. In less than 60 days from the time we contacted BC Business Brokers in Nanaimo, we relocated from Ontario to Vancouver Island and opened up the doors in our new coffee shop – we couldn’t be happier with the whole process! Talking to the professionals at BC Business Brokers can create opportunities for your business that you never knew existed.”
Cam and Melody Evans, Buyers of Cha Cha Java, Parksville, BC

“We are completely satisfied with the deal put together by BC Business Brokers in Nanaimo; our Broker Michael Naprawa did an excellent job bringing the transaction to an efficient close.”
Ian Moore, Buyer of Chyna Sea

“BC Business Brokers in Nanaimo was there to help from the very beginning. Michael’s advice was invaluable to the transaction. All the little things that we would have never thought of on our own – things that make the difference between selling your company or losing it – Michael’s knowledge and experience enabled us to make it happen.”
Norm and Jodi Brochno, Sellers of Chyna Sea

“It was exactly the service I was looking for. BC Business Brokers helped me put together cash flows and projections, pulled together the numbers I needed, structured the deal, and assisted in negotiations. They handled every aspect of the transaction. I honestly couldn’t have done it without them.”
Steve Allen, Buyer of Blue Peter Marine Boatyard, Nanaimo, BC

“Thank you for your perseverance and all the hard work in making the deal go through! I would highly recommend a BC Business Brokers to anyone wanting to sell their business with ease.”
Kevin McGuiness, Seller of NutriLawn

“Unbelievable-we have received so much value added information. I’ve had more positive information supplied by Michael at Sunbelt of Vancouver Island in one email than any other person in this industry. I feel that I have finally found someone who can put together a deal for a win-win-win for all groups. Well done! Michael, once again, what a breath of fresh air you have turned out to be. Thanks for your service.”
Kevin Palardy, Buyer Testimonial

“It is now a year later and we are extremely happy with our decision to sell our business with Michael Naprawa at Sunbelt,”
David Harstad, Fantasea Holdings

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