We understand that selling or buying a business can be a complex and challenging process with serious financial, legal, tax and lifestyle implications. Our BC Business Brokers undergo specialized training as Certified Business Intermediaries (CBI) providing outstanding resources and expertise crucial to your success.

A full service licensed Brokerage offering businesses for sale on Vancouver Island and interior British Columbia, we provide detailed professional valuations, comprehensive marketing packages, full confidentiality and exit strategy planning. BC Business Brokers also assists clientele about us with buyer financing, connections for legal, accounting and immigration services as well as referrals to residential realtors when necessary.

What is Professional Business Brokerage?

Business Brokerage is a relatively new profession in Canada. In essence a Business Broker is a professional that lists and sells businesses for a contingent success fee. However there is more than meets the eye.

A professional business broker undergoes specialized training in business brokerage and as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), a professional designation through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

The broker may also holds a valid real estate license, and if so, able to legally deal with the real estate components of any transaction such as a lease or land, and fully understands the methodologies involved in valuing a business.

A business broker is a professional that takes the time and energy to learn and know the characteristics of a business he or she lists for sale and matches them with the criteria of a buyer through a proven systematic process.

BC Business Brokers has valuable connections worldwide assisting buyers and sellers meet their goals. In 2008, there were approximately 384,300 small businesses operating in the province of BC (Statistics Canada). For a variety of reasons, many of them are for sale at any given time due to retirement, health, divorce, partnership problems or simple “burn-out.” The assistance of a business broker in the process is invaluable since it will ensure that the seller maximizes the value of the business, that the business is exposed to the largest pool of qualified buyers, and that the business is sold in the shortest time to the most suitable buyer.

The Market

Due to corporate downsizing, thousands of potential small business buyers are entering the entrepreneurial market. These buyers have several basic options; try to find another job, start a new business or buy an existing business. Jobs are scarce and new business start-ups have a historically high failure rate which makes the purchase of an existing business a much more prudent way to secure the buyer’s future. BC Business Brokers has a large inventory of businesses for sale and, working with the buyer to match his/her criteria and objectives, the Broker can find a business that could enable the buyer to succeed by providing security for themselves and their family.

Main Street, Middle Market, M & A

Business transactions are generally classified by their size, and there are various descriptions attached to these “grey area” categories. However, by and large, the categories can be regarded as:

Main Street: Below 3 M and under 50 employees.

Middle Market: 3-10 M and below 200 employees.

Merger and Acquisition (M & A): Over 20 M.

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