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2019-04-10T15:07:51-08:00April 10th, 2019|News & Updates|

When Rob Regner moved to Nanaimo with his wife Jody 18 months ago, the first local product he put in his Kegerator was from Nanaimo’s Wolf Brewing Company. Once the couple discovered the Victoria Road craft brewery, Rob quickly became a fan. Now, he’s an owner. The Regners and long-time friends Darcy Stephenson and Tim Lotzien took possession of the brewery February 1. “It had everything in place,” Regner said. “Great products, great assets, great people.” There is Kev Ward who is a world-class brew master, a unique line of excellent craft brews, brand loyalty among beer aficionados, an exceptional and [...]


2019-04-10T14:14:11-08:00April 10th, 2019|News & Updates|

When an email from a senior executive directs employees working in accounting or finance to make wire transfers, payments, or purchases – it pays to ensure that the request is legitimate and not a so-called “CEO scam.” Targeting small businesses and large corporations alike, the scam involves fraudsters impersonating a senior company executive and sending urgent, confidential – and often realistic-looking – messages designed to trick employees into wiring money to a third party. This scheme, which has cost businesses large sums of money, is one of the many scams directed at companies globally. In Canada, awareness about fraudulent activity is [...]

Gender balance in five years

2019-04-10T14:10:20-08:00April 10th, 2019|News & Updates|

By HARVEY SCHACHTER – Special to the Globe and Mail In five years, BTS USA achieved 50-per-cent female representation–and it all started with a willingness to change. Five years ago, the female consultants at BTS USA were a woeful 16 per cent of its total team, despite the fact that North American business schools were churning out talented female graduates aiming for that field. Even clients of the strategy and leadership development firm were remarking on the fact they rarely saw female consultants. A decision was made to seek gender parity and, these days, female representation has just nudged up to [...]

Family Succession Dramas are a Familiar Story

2019-02-08T16:22:38-08:00January 24th, 2019|News & Updates|

Belinda Stronach isn’t the first Canadian business scion who has had trouble escaping her father’s shadow. When Frank Stronach, the 86-year-old founder of auto-parts giant Magna International Inc., filed suit against his daughter in October 2018, alleging that she mismanaged his fortune, he made a point of letting her know that in his eyes, she would never measure up. Painting himself as a “corporate visionary,” Mr. Stronach characterized his eldest child as “disrespectful” in court filings. And worse: The lawsuit accuses her of being “entirely unwilling or incapable” of running the Stronach Group on a “fair, proper, sensible and business-like basis” [...]

Rising Wages push owners to cover more front line shifts

2019-02-08T16:22:33-08:00December 12th, 2018|News & Updates|

Business owners unable to afford wage increases are now taking on more work shifts themselves to keep their businesses operating.  A combination of mandatory minimum wage increases in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario and increasing lease rates for space are hampering the ability of smaller businesses to grow to the next stage.Instead of planning and building for the future, business owners are back on the floor serving customers. Unable to cover the increased cost of wages, small retail store owners have cut hiring and are working more shifts themselves. Click for more...

Canada’s Campuses are Incubators for Future Business Success

2019-02-08T16:22:29-08:00October 15th, 2018|News & Updates|

What will the jobs of the future look like? What skills are needed? And how does Canada compete in the digital world? Ensuring the country can successfully answer these questions will preserve Canada’s future businesses, future jobs, and economic prosperity. To prepare for this technology-driven future, Canada’s universities and colleges are encouraging student entrepreneurs across the country. In an October 12 Globe and Mail article, researchers Alejandro Adem and Victoria Lennox identified a host of entrepreneurial programs occurring outside university and college classrooms. As students learn technological skills, these additional programs give them an introduction into turning technological mastery into market-friendly [...]

Eating Together Builds Bonds Among Business Teams

2019-02-08T16:22:25-08:00July 27th, 2018|News & Updates|

How many times did you eat your lunch alone this week? According to a recent survey, while 68 per cent of working Canadians enjoy eating lunch with their colleagues, two-thirds of us eat lunch alone at least three times during the workweek. Even worse, almost half (42 per cent) of working Canadians eat lunch alone every workday. But it wasn’t always this way. Eating alone is not a natural human behaviour, but a learned one that seems to become more prevalent once we enter the work force. When overwhelmed with work, lunch with colleagues can seem like a luxury, but eating [...]

Civil Suit: Business Sellers Failed to Honour Sale Terms

2019-02-08T16:22:21-08:00June 22nd, 2018|News & Updates|

A Nanaimo accounting firm that purchased a Lantzville business filed a civil suit in the Supreme Court of B.C., alleging that the sellers breached a non-competition agreement. The suit also alleges the sellers did not provide the documentation and intellectual property required as part of the sale. The accounting business, Barber and Haime Inc., was sold to B. Rushton Inc. for $727,000 in August 2017. Sale terms included a six-year non-competition and non-solicitation agreement. According to the court documents, Colin and Denise Haime were to retire: instead they opened an online accounting service yet the sale agreements prohibited them from carrying on [...]

Task Force Launched for Small Business

2018-05-12T10:48:11-08:00May 12th, 2018|News & Updates|

The B.C. government is launching a task force aimed at helping small businesses. They want to hear from entrepreneurs so they are holding consultations throughout the province for all types of businesses. It applies to rural and remote communities as well and especially First Nations. Innovation, the emerging economy, youth employment, succession planning, risk aversion, businesses costs and more will be discussed at the task force starting in June. An online portal is also being set up for people to join and give input. For more and a list of dates and places see --task force

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service

2018-04-17T12:21:59-08:00April 17th, 2018|News & Updates|

Artificial Intelligence is the next wave of the future in customer service. A step up from 1-800 numbers and email, AI can do some wonderful things and many companies have already used its potential. Instead of fixing a problem, AI technology can now predict a looming problem and fix it before it occurs. This can be applied to industries such as airlines and big box retailers. AI can identify missing flight connections and rebook a customer to the next possible option. Or it can predict sales patterns and volumes to allow retailers to reorder to avoid ‘sold out’ situations or lost [...]