Your BC Business Broker will help you identify and meet your goals to be accomplished with the successful sale of your business.

It takes proper planning before your business is prepared for market presentation. We can help you plan your selling strategy including any changes that will facilitate the optimum timing and selling price.

  1. Marketing your business through BC Business Brokers will ensure it is done discreetly and confidentially. Your employees, customers or competitors will be unaware that your business is for sale.
  2. Your BC Business Broker will save you time and money by pre-screening potential buyers before presenting them to you.
  3. Your BC Business Broker will work with you to arrange meetings with potential buyers.
  4. When both parties feel comfortable proceeding, your BC Business Broker will begin negotiations between you and the potential buyer helping you to evaluate each offer with their expertise on current market trends, financing matters and business law.

Your BC Business Broker is an experienced intermediary who will manage the negotiations, keeping your interests in the forefront, until an acceptable deal is agreed upon and closing legalities are finalized.

All of these factors contribute towards the successful sale of your business.